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The works layout ensures efficient flow of steel from delivery into the stockyard through preparation, fabrication, assembly, protective treatment to dispatch.

All plates from the stockyard are blast cleaned and descaled prior to fabrication to remove rust, grease, and surface corrosion. Having been transferred to the preparation workshop structural steel plates are cut to size and shape by the computer numerically controlled plate burning machinery using oxy-propane cutting. The burning machines can process plates up to 21m long and 3.6m wide. The preparation workshop is equipped with sawing lines, presses and rolls. The fabrication bays are equipped with a variety of drilling and milling numerically controlled machinery to cover the full range required for bridge and heavy structural components. Each preparation, fabrication and assembly bay is serviced by overhead craneage with lifting capacity ranging from 5 to 32 metric tons.

T, I and box sections are assembled using the automatic or semi-automatic welding equipment. The web to flange submerged arc welding is carried out under semi-automatic mode. Panels assembly machines produce precise high-quality orthotropic deck panels.

The components are then shot blasted and painted to provide the required protective treatment system to meet the client's specification. These manufacturing processes are carried out using up-to-date machinery made in Finland and Germany. After application of protective treatment, the bridge components arrive to the trial erection yard. This outdoor area, served by travelling cranes with 60 metric tons lifting capacity, is used to trial erect steel structures before delivery to construction site.

The trial erection being finished, bridge steel structures are delivered to client by highway or railway transport.



CNC plate burning machine CNC drilling and milling machine-tool Wheel type shot blasting machine Painted steel structure for monorail road Trial erection




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